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I've been working for agency for the last 2 years. At the end of April I enquired about my holiday and was informed that it expired at the end of last year and I cannot receive money for it. My contract of employment, that I received two years ago, states that holiday year lasts from April to March but when I asked my employer about it they said that now holiday year lasts from January to December. They didn't inform me about the change and now are saying that I lost my holiday because I didn't take it before the end of the last year. How could I have taken it if I knew nothing about it ? The just changed my contract of employment without neither my consent nor any any information. Until some time ago I was unaware of the change in the law saying that I cannot receive money for unused holiday and hoped I would get paid for a couple of days I had accrued last year therefore I didn't think about going on holiday. But now I realized that they breached my contract and I'm considering taking them to the tribunal. The only thing they can use against me is that I enquired about my holiday at the end of April whereas my holiday year,hadn't it been changed, would have expired at the end of March. So, if it came down to tribunal they might say that I wasn't going to take holiday anyway. On the other hand it was their duty to let me know and if they'd done so I'd have taken all my holiday in time. I know that their fault is obvious but wonder what would employment tribunal said on that.

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