What is the High Court?

The High Court hears civil cases, appeals in criminal cases, and can review the activities or decisions of individuals and organisations to ensure that they have acted legally.

The High Court is made up of three "divisions" dealing with different kinds of cases.

The Family Division

The Family Division of the High Court deals with complicated, defended divorce cases, adoption matters, domestic violence and various other serious family law matters (as well as appeals from magistrates courts and county courts).

The Queens Bench Division

The Queens Bench Division deals with large and complicated claims for compensation (as well as appeals from the magistrates courts or Crown Courts). This Division is also responsible for reviewing the actions of organisations to see whether they have acted legally, and with libel and slander actions.

The Chancery Division

The Chancery Division deals with trusts and estates matters, contested wills, the winding up of companies, bankruptcy, and mortgages matters - as well as cases involving charities.

The Good Lawyer Guide High Court recommendations

The Good Lawyer Guide recommendations for High Court firms are those firms who will take on referred cases from other practices in different parts of the country, and represent their clients in the High Court.