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i was handed a court summon on Friday 4pm to appear in court on Monday 10am ,no chance for representation.Me and partner paid deposit,solicitors fees ans surveyers fees half and on top been living with her 2 kids who have since left after schooling.iam on the mortgage throughout and she agrees in her statement i have been paying half ,mostly direct debit.Now she is kicking me out of the house and took me to county court and have been paid £4400 pounds from 2006 mortgage after paying even £5000 towards deposit.Buying me out and at the same time she is selling the house.Why cant we sell the house and share the proceeds ,or she cannot accept the £4400 if its a fair deal.Can i go back to court with a solicitor and restart the case.This happened 2 weeks ago and am out month end ,21 days notice.This doesnt look right .We are the 2 of us in the house and she lied in her staement that there is kids and all sorts of lies ,am sure they made the court to decide for me to vacate month end ,so if im that dangerous as it appears why are we in the same house for 21 days?I had a mind of selling and sharing as we shared in buying.Someone help please.Im not on title deeds ,she hid those from word go but am on the mortgage.

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